I customise WordPress themes to make beautiful, powerful, unique websites. You can click through a slideshow of screengrabs here.

Do you have a WordPress website that’s already hosted and running but is outdated and neglected?  Maybe it’s non responsive? A responsive website looks great and functions perfectly on all your devices. I can give your old site a new outfit! Spruce it up and get it ready to power into 2015.

Or maybe you are starting a new business and want to launch it with a beautiful website, blog or online shop. You might be an artist needing a portfolio site. Click on the packages below to see what works for you and contact me to get started! Once you know what you want to put out to the world, I can get your site up and running in no time.


What you will need to do:

Chose a time when you are not too busy to work on your new website. It’s important that you (or someone in your organisation who is authorised to make decisions) are available during the web build. Once the programming of the site is underway, it won’t be possible to wait hours or days for decisions. Dummy content may need to be added if no response is available.


Content comes first!  You will need to supply the website content before the process can begin:

– logo and images in a dropbox folder set up for this project (I can help with that)

– page content in a Word document

– social media URLs

– Web host login details + SSL certificate for e-commerce sites

– Mail Chimp username + password if you are already using Mail Chimp

This costing covers initial setup. All subsequent maintenance of the website will be performed by you the client, or you can engage me or another WordPress-experienced service provider to oversee maintenance and/or further development (see maintenance package below). The beauty of WordPress is that it does NOT lock you in to any single service provider. That is a strong reason behind our support of WordPress. You need to be empowered, as the site owner, and have full control of hosting, domain names and content management.


Separate costs:

You need to supply a hosting package for your site to live on (we can guide you through that because MANY web hosting packages are poorly configured). We can recommend hosting packages that cost around $10/month, are hosted in Australia, and provide free 24/7 support. A WordPress compliant hosting package includes PHP5.2+, access to MySQL database and at least 1 Gb of disc space. E-commerce sites will also need to purchase an SSL certificate for optimum security for their clients when shopping online.

You also need a domain name, or we can help you select and register one – they should cost you around $15 per year.


WordPress Maintenance – is it absolutely necessary?

To keep your WordPress website or blog secure and properly backed up, there is ongoing maintenance to think about. Is it absolutely necessary? Nah, you could go without it. But you could go without an oil change, or tyre rotations or regular tune-ups for your car every few thousand miles, too. Dynamic websites like yours can only “coast” for so long.

The question is… should you neglect this ongoing maintenance? Should you ignore your site’s vulnerabilities? Should you cross your fingers and hope for the best? Or should you keep your site – your content, your products, your message – as safe as possible by maintaining all WordPress, Plugin and Theme upgrades? Should you keep not only your database, but your site files backed up on a regular basis, and scanned for malware? Here’s an article about what you can do to improve your websites’ security level. 

If you’re not sure you want to manage these things on your own, you might consider allowing me to help you.


Basic Monthly Website Maintenance Package includes the following:

  • Updating WordPress software and keeping current with all upgrades (one of the best ways to keep your site secure and hack-resistant and free of malware). Note: One of the biggest contributors to malware attacks is running outdated software. Protect your users and yourself.
  • Updating all Themes and Plugins
  • Database backups
  • Monthly backup of every site file on your host’s server, in case of an emergency
  • Email correspondence with us to answer maintenance related issues*

* This does not include other non-maintenance related WordPress questions, but you can access the handy WP guide I supply.

The WordPress Website Maintenance Plan is $50/month +GST for a standard, built by me website, or $75/month +GST for ecommerce sites.