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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012

I was also in Tasmania to research the ultimate Bruny Island adventure/ workshop for a bunch of lucky photo enthusiasts next March. We had been to Bruny a couple of times before whilst filming for the Garagistes doco, but I wanted to find the perfect spot to base our workshop. We found it at Sunset Bay, Alonnah. Sounds like Hawaii? Far from it! It’s wild and remote, though still provides a comfortable bed and a good meal.








It’s wildflower season and I couldn’t believe that there could be so many varieties from one step to the next! We explored the Southern-most tip of the island and felt the purity of the air blowing in from Antartica.














Meanwhile back inland a little, the lagoon was silent and calm.








Jetty Beach was a little hard to get to with our little hire car, but well worth the effort.





















We spent an all too brief afternoon with our friend Paulette Whitney from Provenance Growers to discuss the possibility of her taking us for some adventures on Bruny Island. Paulette grew up spending every weekend roaming the shores and forests of the island and it is now a part of who she is. She knows all the plants, animals, cycles and moods of the place and has a special knowledge of the local bush tucker. We are hoping she will find a little time to come across to the island for us. Here is an inspiring post she wrote about Bruny Island.

Pierre-Jacques & Paulette on the ferry to Bruny Is.

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