Happiness is in the Plate (in Hobart)

Posted by on Oct 9, 2012

Well, this is my first post as I’m about to launch this new website!
Pierre-Jacques and I have just returned from another amazing trip to Tasmania where we premiered the documentary ‘Le Bonheur est dans L’assiette’ that we made last year with Philippe Allante and Sophie Brissaud for ARTE television.
It was a private showing for all the fabulous people who work at, with and around Garagistes, who were involved in the documentary. As it was my first gig as a TV cameraperson, it was a great feeling to see my images on the big screen.

Kirk & PJ set it up

The restaurant makes a great cinema!

Luke makes delicious butter/mustard popcorn

Glued to the screen


It was such fun to return to Hobart and see everyone again. And the perfect excuse to eat a couple more meals at Garagistes and to drink some natural wine with Katrina…


Not to mention the opportunity to try Luke, Katrina and Kirk’s new venture – Sidecar. The coolest little bar in the southern hemisphere, with an incredible selection of natural wines from around the world. I can usually drink only 2 glasses of wine before falling asleep. (life of the party, I am!) This is apparently due to the additives in the wine, as when I drink these natural wines I not only discover amazing flavours, I can keep enjoying glass after glass, feeling happy and light headed, but never sleepy! And no hangover the next morning!


Katrina & Pierre-Jacques at Sidecar

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